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Weft hair that is the long strips of hair aligned and tied at the top either by machine or by hand is also called as weaves. Subbu Hair Enterprises provides the best range such as weft human hair, machine blonds weft hair, remy machine weft hair, with effective & timely delivery.

  Remy Single Weft Hair

  Remy Double Weft Hair

  Machine Weft Curly Hair

  Machine Weft Straight Hair

  Machine Weft Weavy Hair


Remy Single Weft Hair

Remy single weft hair involves a single bundle of hair made into a weft and available to our clients to make hair extensions. As human hair suppliers, our reputation in the selling of remy single has been matchless and steady for the last 25 years. During the manufacturing process, the latest production machinery is deployed and the quality is monitored at each stage of production.

Remy Double Weft Hair

Remy double weft hair can give that desired bouncy look as it contains double the amount of remy single either as a single weft or two wefts woven together. Widely demanded remy double weft hair from our clients is the remy double weft light blond.


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